What is Blessed Before Birth?

“Blessed Before Birth” is a scripture filled, faith-building Audio download created for 2 purposes: 

1. To speak life over, and build the faith of your child while still growing in the womb,

2. To eliminate any fears that try to come upon you while you go through your pregnancy. 

We have created a beautiful two part mixture of soothing classical music combined with over 30 minutes of God’s powerful, faith-filled word, speaking life, health, blessing and peace over your child as it grows in your womb.

The first half of this life changing message covers the child, the second half is for the Moms!

This exciting season of life has the potential to be scary, stressful and overwhelming for both Mom and the family.  

Blessed Before Birth takes the top ten fears of pregnant moms and casts those fears out using the word of God!

By listening to “Blessed Before Birth” over and over again, and confessing God’s promise over you and your child you will begin to experience God’s peace, health and blessing, just as He intended. 

Imagine This:

What if you didn’t worry about your baby’s health as it’s growing in the womb?

What if you didn’t have to be concerned if it were developing properly and on schedule?

What if you could rest fully assured, that not only is your baby safe in God’s loving hands while it grows in your belly, but all the way up until adulthood? 

What if the top ten fears of pregnant women had no effect on you?

All of these topics and more are covered in “Blessed Before Birth.” 

Each important issue in your child’s life is pulled out and covered by God’s word.

By playing this audio track to your baby while still in the womb, you will be setting him or her up for success in all areas of life: from development in the womb, to health, motor skills, learning, finding the right friends, teachers, career, finances, even God’s perfect spouse.

Over and over again the Bible (and even researchers today) explain the power positive confessions have over people, and that we truly can shape the circumstances we desire by our words and what we hear. 

Please take a moment and listen to what Kenneth Copeland says about the power of confession over the womb. (The results are amazing!)

Romans 10:17 tells us that, “Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.”

So why wait until your child is up and walking for him or her to start building faith?

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Scientific Research has proven over and over again that your child’s brain can be stimulated by music, sound and voice, while still in the Mother’s womb, what a great opportunity to start watering the seed inside you with God’s word!

We have created a beautiful mixture of soothing classical music combined with over 30 minutes of God’s powerful, faith-filled word, speaking life, health, blessing and peace over your child as it grows in your womb and on up through his school years. Give your child the advantage we wish we all had.

Can you imagine what your life would have been like if the Word of God was spoken over you since before you were born?

Play this two part track to your child in the womb and watch the power of God’s word go at work.

The second part of the audio is for the Moms. It addresses the 10 biggest fears women have during pregnancy and crushes those fears using God’s word. 

What Moms are saying about Blessed Before Birth:

If you have had any concerns or worries about the health and growth of your child in the womb, this is for you!


“Whenever a fear tries to rise up against me, I listen to Blessed Before Birth and my faith is quickly built up and the fear is replaced by God’s peace!” 


“I like that the mp3 covers my child’s development while in the womb, and is already building his faith for the future. He is going to be preaching the Word the second he comes into this world!” 

What comes with your Download?

When you download Blessed Before Birth, you will receive:

1. An email with the MP3 audio file that is easily downloaded and opened in the music player of your choice, such as iTunes. From there you can sync it to your iPhone, iPod, or any music device you prefer, and as we suggest, combine it with “Belly Buds” for the ultimate listening experience for your child.

2. Audio transcript of “Blessed Before Birth” so that you can read out loud and confess the powerful word of God over your child and yourself to build your faith during your Christian Pregnancy.

3. A Powerful list of the scriptures used during the recording and others pertaining to peace, health, life and blessing for you and your family. Confess these scriptures daily, or any time you have fearful thoughts about your pregnancy. They will strengthen you and energize you.

“Blessed Before Birth” can be played on any audio device: iPhone, iPod, Mp3 player, or computer, but is best combined with Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt belly phones so that Mom can listen at the same time.

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